What’s On My Mind… music style.

You know when you listen to a cd, or a song, and it brings you to a specific moment in your life? Well, I live for music like that. The first time I hear a song, it is rare that I will actually enjoy it. However, once an emotional connection or memory is made with that song or album… it will remain permanently golden within my itunes collection. For example, the New Moon Soundtrack – has become my absolute favorite album to listen to. Now, before all of the egotistical opinionated viewers scuff as they laugh at this, please know that I do not like the album because of the title, or because I am a “team Edward” fan. The first thousand times I listened to this album, I had no idea that it was related to the enterprise that I have, like many, become obsessed with. So, for my first blog post, in a way to introduce myself, I would love to share my favorite songs and why you should start listening to them, too.

1. “Forever Young” by Youth Group – I began listening to this song when it made it’s first appearance in my life on The O.C.- but the true reason why it remains a classic is for my transition from a minor high school student to a 20 year old college independent person. Since I am obsessed with Disney, I truly wish I could remain forever young. Whenever I’m having anxiety about my future, love or career, this song calms me down in ways I can never explain.

2. “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey  – It’s the top selling itunes song. Therefore, I doubt you need me to explain why this song is great. One thing I remember is that this song played at a party during my senior year, and everybody stopped talking or taking shots to enjoy this song and sing it together. It might have been the coolest thing to witness when I spending the last true moments in high school with my best friends.

3. “Party in the U.S.A” by Miley Cyrus  – I feel that it is wrong that Miley is younger than me, but I think that she might just be the coolest person ever. This song proves it. It’s a crowd pleaser that you can still enjoy secretly in your room. 

4. “Because of You” by 98 degrees – I know that 98 degrees is sooo 98 degrees ago. If you are ever in that new stage of crushing on a boy, this song is perfect to listen to in the car.

5. Anything from the soundtracks of “One Tree Hill”  – They remind me of a time in my life where I wanted to be an artist. (Which saying that always reminds me of the worst book ever, “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” by James Joyce). I begun watching One Tree Hill the summer before my freshman year in college. The characters each inspired me to follow my dreams, in a realistic manner. I began drawing, writing and indulging in music during this period. This soundtrack motivates me to continue following my artistic dreams. Certain songs on each album reminds me of times during the summer of the huge transition period in my life. One Tree Hill is probably the reason why I’m starting this blog, although it’s probably more the journalism school at Oregon. 

6. “Only Fooling Myself” by Kate Voegele  – Another One Tree Hill inspired pick, Kate Voegele might be the most gifted female artist to have ever received a record deal. Her entire freshman album is pure genius, and her sophomore album just keeps getting better. If you’re in the mood for some girly tracks with some serious soul, Kate Voegele is the perfect match for you.

7. “I See You” by Mika – This song came recently to me during a harsh time in the relationship-boy deparment. If you have a “friend-boy” problem  (a term I use to classify guys you like and SHOULD be dating, but are only friends) this song is for you. If you have ever longed for your best friend to finally see you in a different light, a romantic sight- this song is a perfect tear jerker to let your emotions pour. 

8. “World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies. This song is perfect for rough times. It makes you think, reflect and figure out your life. Its a blunt song in a “Yeah, you’re life might suck, but the world will keep going, so fix your life and get over it” sort of way. 

9. “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley – because who DOESN’T love this song!?

10. “Whenever I Call You Friend” by Kenny Loggins  – At first, this song reminded me of a fun car song to sing with your friends who have no idea what they are dancing to. However, Ever since Jon Brockman’s tweet “Almost to Oakland. First time making the drive from Sac out to the bay area. Listening to some Kenny Chesney “‘back where I come from” on his Twitter Page – Now… I only think of my sister laughing in my face when I told her excitedly about our common love for Kenny Chesney. When she questioned the validity of my love for Kenny Chesney, I started singing Kenny Loggins songs. I had accidently confused Kenny Chesney with Kenny Loggins. Whoops.

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