The Outfit I’m Obsessed With

You know when you go on a shopping spree and grab a few unique pieces that you absolutely love? As in, can’t stop wearing the pieces on a daily basis? Well, this outfit has become that go to fashion MUST when I have absolutely NOTHING to wear. These pieces can be worn in many ways and are high on my list for a definite suggestion for Winter 2010!

TO START… Urban Outfitters is my ULTIMATE source for fashion.


Stripes look classy and chic and can either be worn comfortably during the day or strategically for a fabulous night on the town. This striped-zipped top from Silence and Noise (make sure to click the white/navy option) is a great way to pull day and night looks together. With the zipper detailing on the back, you can choose just how much skin you truly want to show. This top can be worn with leggings OR jeans- just depends on your mood!


I’ve been extremely into black this year. For some reason the edgy look is finally appealing to me, where I feel like I’m a hard-ass and I finally want to look the part. My new wardrobe always consists of a black piece now. (Which is a SHOCK to say because usually I only wear brown!) This BDG black cardigan is perfect for those days where you want to be super comfortable, but still look like you tried.
Now, skinny jeans are a must. You know something is in fashion and style when my mom starts noticing it. With her first pair of skinny jeans, she loves the outer boot look! Boot cut and Flair Jeans are so last decade. Save yourself and go for the investment- SKINNY JEANS ARE SO MUCH MORE CONVENIENT WHEN WEARING BOOTS and/or UGGS. If you already have a decent pair of skinny jeans, I recommend you taking a fashionable plunge and buying these grey Hudson skinny jeans. In fact, Hudson skinny jeans have become my favorite skinny jeans on the market. If you’re skeptical at first, let me assure you, I never thought I would wear grey jeans… and now they have become a part of my daily wardrobe!

During the winter, you would be silly not to own a scarf. This La Fiorentina Feather Print Cashmere Scarf (the brown/grey option) goes perfectly with the pieces and brings the entire outfit together. I love the basic coloring with a beautiful pattern to make the scarf unique and interesting.

Lastly, accessorizing can be hard. If you’re like me, who rarely likes to switch out accessories, this Deena and Ozzy bag is a must for you! With brown, gold, black and khaki detailing, this bag matches EVERYTHING I wear. Plus, it can carry everything you could possibly want! My sister calls it my “Mary Poppins” bag. I can easily carry my laptop, books, magazines, wallet and sunglasses with a lot of room to spare.

Although not necessarily a must in the wardrobe- (With the many colors already incorporated, black, grey or brown boots will work!) I would love to recommend my favorite pair of black leather boots. I am horrendously picky when it comes to black leather, I hate certain stitching and buckles and details. I feel that sometimes it is truly hard to find black leather items that do not look “cheap.” Finally, I found the boots of my dreams and I would love to share them with you! These Aldo Boots not only are comfortable, but look amazing with a great pair of skinny jeans OR leggings!

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