How To Get Eyelashes You’ll Be Obsessed With

You know when you watch a mascara commercial, the gorgeous eyelashes on the screen captivate you into buying the product? Yet, when you finally cave in and try out a new mascara, your eyelashes come no where near what you had expected? Well, for the past 3 years my goal has been to find the best mascara products that actually work to achieve long, luscious eyelashes. By using these products, my eyelashes have noticeably lengthened and thickened. The best thing of the entire process, you don’t have to use anything like Latisse!

First, I would like to bust the myth of eyelash curlers. They are unnecessary unless you truly have stick out straight eyelashes. If you absolutely NEED to use an eyelash curler, TAKE CAUTION: never use a curler AFTER mascara application of ANY kind!

1. Apply a Lash Enhancing Base.


I recommend a Chanel Lash Enhancing Base shown above, or Dior’s Lash Enhancing Plumper (what I am currently using). Located at both Nordstrom and Macy’s, this product is essential for making your eyelashes luscious. It coats the eyelashes with a white sealant that serves as prime mascara coat. By building layers of mascara, that is how thickness and fullness is achieved. It serves as a great lengthener for the eyelash, too. One of the main keys to beautiful eyelashes is the use of this product. If you want a more dramatic, fuller look, apply this base twice onto the eyelashes. Make sure to apply mascara on one eye, then switch the other, instead of repetitively focusing on one eye, so clumping does not occur. Also, switching between the two eyes allows enough time to for the base to dry a little for coating to occur.

2. Apply a lengthening, dramatic mascara.


Dior’s ‘Diorshow’ Mascara is a great product to achieve beautiful eyelashes. This mascara is designed to lengthen lashes while creating a natural curl (no lash curler needed, ladies!). After applying the mascara base, apply this mascara over the white coating. For best results, appy from the bottom of the lash and then curl on top of the lash. When curling the top of the lash, close eye and place brush on top of lashes, then twist/rotate the mascara brush in an outward direction (away from the face). This will help thicken the lash tremendously! After applying mascara on the top of the lash, apply once again in the normal way from the bottom of the lash.


For Extreme Dramatic Eyes, or for me, normal everyday gorgeous lashes, I recommend Lancome’s Oscillation Vibration Infinite Power Mascara because this product’s brush vibrates when you use it! It’s mascara on a whole new level! It helps thicken the lashes without needing multiple layers. It’s a quick tool for beautiful eyelashes on an everyday basis!

For best results, when applying mascara, switch between different products for thickest coating results. Hope this helps achieve the flawless lashes you’ve always wanted!

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