Obsessively Black

I’ll admit it, I have officially become obsessed with wearing the color black. Not just as an accent color, but more of a complete head to toe look. A year ago, my wardrobe consisted of brown, navy and my Louis Vuitton purse, black was no where to be found! Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the way it slims the holiday weight. Maybe it’s just the feeling of being a bad ass. All I know, is that the color black is reaching a new level in the fashion world. Instead of being the fall back choice of apparel, it is now the sought out color for inspiration. Here’s a little “how-to” guide to allow yourself to, also be, obsessed with the color black.

                  DAY APPAREL                                                                                        


For Day Apparel, Shenae Grimes captures a head to toe blackout gracefully by combining layers with textures. In order to steer away from basic black, Grimes mixes black materials with a leather jacket and purse, along with destroyed jeans. For depth, she accessorizes the outfit with a beautiful cashmere scarf. To achieve this look, pair Joe’s Leggings with a Silence and Noise Leather Jacket and a black fringed scarf.




For Night Apparel, Reese Witherspoon utilizes lace in a classy, edgy way for a darkened look for her night in a Jason Wu dress. Although elegantly sophisticated, Witherspoon could have optioned to add black tights to enhance a full black wardrobe. Overall, this dress is laced out in its finest and brings an entirely new angle to classy lace.
The dress can be found on Jason Wu’s Pre-Fall Collection 2010

Whether trying to bring darkness to the day or edge into the night, this year, I will be opting for black over my usual preferred color palette.

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