Obsessed With These Musical Looks

I’ve always been a fan of watching the red carpet for the Grammys. It’s the one award show that allows funky chick fashion to hit the carpet and artists to express their true style. This year, I was a little bummed. The dresses were a little too safe and those who went crazy went a little too psychotic. Here are my three favorite looks for the Grammys 2010… are you obsessed with them, too?


I am obsessed with this Herve Leger mini that Miley Cyrus is wearing. It is an ideal, trendy piece for the Grammy’s. It’s stylish, chic and fun, without going too over the top.


I love their diversity in the outfits, yet they still blend together as if the still were in a band together. All three pull of very different suit attire, so props to The Jonas Brothers!


I think Pink rocked this look, along with the entire Grammys night as well! Usually she goes all out with a style or piece that I usually prefer to forget ever happened, but seeing her clean and put together with a bit of edge created a fabulous look for her! She absolutely nailed it!

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