An Alluring Aroma You Must Not Resist


Have you ever entered a room with a faint, sweet aroma that soothes your presence in a pleasantly lighthearted way? Compare that smell to the ugly odor that is encountered when you enter another building. It just makes you feel awkward and dirty. Well, I am not obsessed with the latter smell. True, a simple cleanser like Windex can improve the smell and maneuver it to a more acceptable location on the spectrum, but to truly attain that desirable, welcoming scent, you need to get a specific product.


3 Wick 16 oz Candle

I recommend a Voluspa Candle in the scent Huckleberry Santiago. Get a 3 oz Santiago Huckleberry container for a sweet aroma in the bathroom, or share your amazing find by placing a 3 wick 16 oz Santiago Huckleberry candle tin in the kitchen. Either way, you will enjoy the wonderful smell that engulfs your apartment or home.

3 oz. Candle

If you are scared of candles, never fear! A diffuser will serve your desk perfectly.


If you prefer a creamy smell to a sweet one, Voluspa provides many wonderful scents that will reconstruct your entire room.

(My alternative favorite is Crisp Champagne)

So let’s toast to an aroma that makes your mouth smile… not gag.

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