The Last Song? … I Wish It Was the First of Many to Come!

     So, I’ll admit it. I am obsessed with Nicholas Sparks’ novels. Why not? Everyone wants to be able to fall in love with someone in the “everything is so perfect” sort of way. Why not escape reality and indulge yourself with his many romantic tales of perfect romance. My favorite part of his novels are that even with such a sappy story line, the romance may end up becoming bittersweet, which keeps you intrigued of will happen in the end! I must admit, that after The Notebook and A Walk to Remember, I drifted apart from Nicky Sparks; however, once I heard of an upcoming film project involving Channing Tatum and was based off of another Nicholas Sparks novel, I knew that I should read the literary work before I went to see the film. (I am NOT so much obsessed with watching the movie version of a book instead of actually reading the novel.) So, after reading Dear John, I became a true fan of Nicholas Sparks, yet again.

     Which brings me to The Last Song. If you have not read this novel by Nicholas Sparks, I highly recommend reading it before it hits theaters in April! This novel is a girls dream- the quintessential romance novel for teenagers and young adults. Without giving too much away,

     Here is a quick synopsis: Ronnie  moves to the beach to live with her estranged father for the summer. Bitter and angry  that she can’t stay in New York, Ronnie is quite rebellious with normal teenage angst. Yet, as the summer unfolds, Ronnie begins an ever life changing journey that many can relate to, the time where children become adults and realize that adults aren’t as bad as they seem. Summer, the beach, attitude and love all combine harmoniously to make this novel a must read. 

      So, to add on hype of the anticipated movie starring Miley Cyrus, here is the theme song to The Last Song. Not only does listening to this song perfectly remind me of the fictional story I read in January about an amazing summer at the beach, but it reminds me of my own, unforgettable summer – I hope that while listening to this song, you too remember a memorable summer, that changed you in a way you could never possibly forget.

The Last Song premieres April 2nd, 2010, but I strongly urge you to read the novel first!

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