Obsessed with The Anti-Love

So this is what I’m feeling about the reality of love.

Having an “Anti-Valentines” party? True brilliance.


Call me cynical, but I am truly beginning to underestimate the actual existence of romance.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in a certain extent of love, through friendship, sexual attraction and fun. I just don’t believe that the combination of that can truly be labeled as “madly in love.”

The good one never gets the one he or she desires and all romance leads to is hard traveled road of heartbreak and disappointment.

“Is it fair that I’m always scared to find “the one,” because then it means it could never be you?” – Andrea Blythe

I’m just, tired of waiting. I want to believe that the reason why nothing great has been steered in my direction is because something greater is soon to come in the future; that everything happens for a reason.

Yet, all I am surrounded by is absolute tragedy.

Anyways, to go along with my uber-emo mood, here are some sad quotes to cheer up your pathetic quest for true love… Enjoy.

Should I Smile Because You’re My Friend Or Cry Because Thats All We’ll Ever Be?

For fear of what you might do, I do nothing but stare at you – Mika

My Pearls…

1. I’d give you sentimental, but that would be a joke.

2. Even though I smile, a dead soul resides in my mind.

3. Making sin a a pleasure, as if it were a game.

So, I’m discouraged with life. Good times. I think I’ll go watch Atonement, now.

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