The Ultimate March Look

If you are like me, March can be stylistically confusing. It’s cloudy outside, yet 70 degrees, potential clear skies but not technically spring… What do you do? The best way to handle the situation is to mix some winter styles with some exciting new spring looks. 


First, it is all about an amazing pair of jean shorts; a pair that will last you throughout the summer and into fall! Not that I love shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch or anything, but I must admit, they make amazing destroyed, worn out jeans that last forever! These Laura jeans are a fun, casual way to spend spring!


This Eight Sixty Print Tank is the perfect combination of a floral print with sultry winter hues. Instead of a consistent light, spring look, the top mixes pastels with greys and dark hues for an overall beautiful top!


So, now you must be wondering, shorts and a tank top… this is one warm temperature outfit! Never fear, a lovely cardigan is exactly what you need to warm this spring outfit up to the perfect winter/spring transition-  byCORPUS created the ultimate spring Popcorn sweater. It’s light hues mix perfectly with it’s chunky material. 

So, now it is all about accessorizing to completely bring this winter and spring look together!


I recommend these Steve Madden Black Sandals. They combine the fresh feel of sandals during the spring, but maintain the dark black tones from winter. The edgy studs creates a sandal that can be worn, no matter what weather or event is presented.

Also, in celebration of the 3D movie Alice in Wonderland, released this March 2010, I absolutely love this Long Chain Pocket Watch Necklace and this OPI Absolutely Alice Nail Polish is a must!


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