How to Wear Heels in the Summer

During the summer, it is always hard to maintain a casual look without losing some height with your heels. Luckily, a popular trend has risen with wedges. By sticking to neutrals, it is easy to embody a laid-back look while maintaining those extra inches!

I recommend pairing a pair of basic wedges with a “safari” inspired look.

These Dolce Vita wedges are not only a perfect investment for summer, but with avoiding cork in the heel and maintaining a darker brown hue, these shoes can harmoniously fit with any fall hues for the upcoming season.

…But what do I wear them with in the summer?

I think that wedges work perfectly with neutral colors and are perfect compliments to a desired safari look. Cargo or boyfriend pants work perfectly with wedges.

This Sanctuary “Freestyle” Crop Cotton Poplin Pant is a perfect basic to begin your safari-inspired look. You can pair these shorts with an army green or basic white top to complete the basics to your outfit.

A safari-esq top is the next necessity with pulling off a a pair of heels. I chose this Equipment “Saige” Washed Silk Shirt because it will be light for those hot temperature days, but the silk material also serves as a perfect top for a elegant dinner in the evening.


The biggest mistake anyone can make during the summer is thinking that “wearing heels is too fancy,” so I should not accessorize to avoid being “too dressed-up.” Wrong! Accessories should not deter from an outfit, but complete it to look whole.

A belt is a perfect way to tie the wedge heels into a safari look, so in order to match the brown, I chose a Lauren by Ralph lauren Saddle Stitch belt to make the color scheme consistent throughout the entire look.

Another great finish to the outfit is a light scarf, like this Cooperative Trompe L’Oeil Oblong Scarf.

Happy Styling!

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