Mid-Summer Essentials

Whenever a new season arrives, I am always excited to shop for new clothing items to mix into my wardrobe. I actually try and enjoy getting ready each day, because there is a new trend that I have been waiting to incorporate into a daily outfit.

But what happens when you’ve worn all of your new clothes? After two months of 100-degree weather, it is fairly acceptable to hope for fall to come a little sooner. So here are some fun items that I found to pace you through the mid-summer slump. Enjoy!


Taking a walk in the evening is a must during the summer, and with the heat, you won’t be confined to jeans or a cardigan during late night walks! Find a fun dress with a crazy print to help sculpt your summer into a memorable one!

I love off the shoulder tops, so to change up my wardrobe, I would suggest finding a cut you prefer in t-shirts and try to find the same design in a dress! I love this One Shoulder Banded Tee Dress from Victorias Secret for the exact reason previously stated!


The best way to spice up a summer is to purchase a fun swimsuit and show off your gorgeous tan for the heated days of August. This is the perfect way to purchase a swimsuit with a different color-pallete than your normal “go-to” swimsuit. Plus, shopping in July will be more fun because you already have a nice base-tan, which always makes you look skinnier and feel more confident!

I love this Diagonal Wavy Bandeau Bikini that Sienna Miller wore from TOPSHOP this July in Italy, because it such a different swimsuit design than I have seen this summer.

Hopes this helps add spice to your summer!

xoxo much

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