Essential Pieces for Your Fall 2010

Whenever the season changes, I’m always excited to find key pieces for my upcoming seasonal wardrobe. The only problem is, for the luxury, basic needs I desire for the future resides a small time frame to find the necessary pieces to update and tie together my wardrobe. This time frame occurs when I am with my mother, who generously chooses to donate a couple luxury goods I desire while I am visiting her in Sacramento. So, in order to prepare myself, I conducted a list of essential pieces that must be found in my wardrobe this fall!

1. An “Over-the-Knee” black boot

Maybe I have been watching too many “The Rachel Zoe Project” episodes, but as I stare at these gorgeous leather boots, I can’t help but imagine all of the many ways I can incorporate these boots into my outfit! With cardigans, my peacoat, my “Lady Gaga” halloween costume … There is no limit! I am most excited for these Dolce Vita “Braeden” boots because they are fashionable, but still in my price range! (Some of the designer boots can go for $1,500!)

2. A gorgeous Watch

The easiest way to accessorize your wrist with a classy, fashionable piece of jewelry is by adding a watch to your wardrobe. I must admit, I haven’t worn a watch since before I had a cellular phone, but somehow this classy accessory has captured my attention to attain in my wardrobe. I am absolutely obsessed with this Michael Kors “Jet Set Iconic” Chronograph Watch for this fall.

3. A Colorful Cardigan

Last winter, I was really into black. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still am obsessed with the lack-of-color in my wardrobe, but I am excited to incorporate some complementary colors to my wardrobe, and especially to wear with my black boots! Ever since I saw this look by Kersh (tweeted by @togandporter for @kersh_fashions), I want to find long cardigans with jewel-toned colors!

I hope that this helps everyone find the best pieces for their own Fall 2010 wardrobe!

xoxo much

andrea louise

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