Timeless Beauty at Any Age

Yes, we live in a world where celebrities are required to be perfectly shaped, molded and styled when they are seen by the public eye. Many females witnessed on the television, or in magazines seem to look perfect, beautiful. So, in the industry, it is very hard to depict how one actress or model can stand out from another.

Yet, on a certain occasion, I find myself speechless when I see a certain female’s beauty. I am impressed not only by her perfect skin, or long lashes, but her confidence and her sparkling eyes. True inner beauty comes from the inner self, and can be captivated at any age.

Jennifer Aniston

Rachel McAdams

Anne Hathaway

Julia Roberts

AnnaLynne McCord

Of course the monthly highlights and stylist helps, but true beauty is about “smiling from every part of your body, smiling not only with your mouth, but from your eyes, down to your liver.” – (yes I saw Eat Pray Love yesterday in the Theater).

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