Quick 25 Facts :)

1. My name is Andrea Louise Blythe. Annie is my nickname. Why? My mom named me after her sister Anne who died of cancer at age 17. I choose to introduce myself as Annie because my real name sounds like it comes from the 19th century.

2. I don’t care that Disney is taking over the world. I love Disney and everything it encompasses.

3. I am paranoid of making friends. When you first hang out with me, I can be the most awkward person you ever meet. But, the next time, i swear… it gets better.

4. I fell off of my cousin’s shoulders and cracked my head open at Autzen Stadium when I was two. After receiving 9 stitches at the emergency room, I came back and watched the Oregon v. Washington Game. Now, I have a scar on my forehead. #Badass.

5. I love One Tree Hill, Starbucks, Twilight, Matcha Green Tea, Harry Potter and High School Musical… maybe a little too much.

6. I like to stiple people or draw objects with oil pastels/colored pencils. These phrases will never be switched.

7. I like to write creatively (not when forced). I have written a 250 novel, called Glen Oaks. (Available on the Amazon Kindle, Ibooks app for iPhone/iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader)

8. My paintings of Autzen Stadium, PK Park, Hayward Field and Mac Court sold for over $500 each at a Northern California Auction for Oregon Athletics.

9. I like to sing and dance. Both I am aware that I am horrible at.

10. I have two special places. 1. My Cabin by Mt. McLoughlin and Glen Oaks Swim and Tennis Club… Both thrive in the summer.

11. I can touch my tongue to my nose, I have a widow’s peak on my forehead and I have a lazy eye (I can’t look up). All can be attributed to my Grandma Libby, whom I love. These 3 unique traits of mine all skipped a generation, which I think is awesome.

12. Carrie, Rachel, Erika, Julia, Cassie and Elin truly understand how weird I am. Thanks for being my friends anyways.

13. I was Head Lifeguard without being CPR certified… whoops.

14. I was on the dive team in High school. I play tennis, soccer, basketball, and volleyball. I love running and wakeboarding. Oregon football is my life. I dislike wrestling and baseball.

15. I love shoes. I could run in high heels in second grade. I also had abnormally large feet, so at age 8 I could purchase women’s heels in a size 5 1/2. My mom’s friends wanted to borrow my shoes. I believe that high heels are worth the blisters and pain because when you wear them, you feel elegant and tall. Now, I’m over the basic heel. So unless the shoe is different or crazy, I am not going to purchase it.

16. I was in the Suzuki Piano Academy from 1st grade to 8th grade and hated it. Now, having the ability to play the piano makes my life. I love playing my favorite music and singing along to it!

17. I broke my foot in 8th grade and didn’t realize it. Now I walk like I’m pidgin toed… but only on one foot .

18. I could eat sushi 5 times a day for a year and not get tired of it. I LOVE SUSHI.

19. I was born on the day that George Washington died… cheery huh?

20. My teeth were an orthodontist’s hell (or dream?). I had 3 surgeries and braces for 5 years.

21. I love summer. There is an amazing, special feeling when you are laying in a swimsuit underneath the sun and your body is just soaking up the sun rays and heat…. mmmm.

22. I’m book smart. Common sense? Don’t have much.

23. I miss my BH friends. My Fam Bam. My CG girls.

24. I always refer to past events with what grade I was in, not my age. and I don’t know why.

25. I am horrible at science and cannot pronounce anything mathematical let alone figure out equations. (Except geometry… I OWN THAAA SHIT)… but anyways, creative arts and literature are my forte.

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