The Future of Personal Styling

Soon, the excuses many busy females say, such as,  “I have no time” or “I don’t know where to begin,” will no longer apply to the idea of dressing fashionably. Or at least, that is the goal of the Tog + Porter styling agency. With that being said, I have a new obsession : Tog + Porter.

Tog + Porter brings an innovative addition to styling clients in the fashion industry. Instead of meeting in person, each stylist cultivates a relationship with her client through virtual outlets. By providing consultations through Skype, posting style tips on its blog and shipping clothes to each clients’ door, Tog and Porter is the perfect company to help any female acheive a fashionable wardrobe.

Hiring a Tog + Porter stylist will help anyone achieve a personalized wardrobe without spending any time inside a crazy mall, a hectic department store or an eye-straining online website. Did you know that the average woman wastes eight years of her life in stores? Just think about all the time that will be saved from this convenience of creating your stylish wardrobe! And, to top it off, all of the services that Tog + Porter provides, including the personal stylist, style guide & blog, are free. The only fee is a flat-rate $10 payment per clothing shipment.

After meeting with a Tog + Porter personal stylist, the client will receive a shipment of selected clothes. This is the perfect time to utilize your stylist to decide what looks great and fits perfectly into your every day wardrobe. Whatever pieces you choose to keep are the only items you need to pay for, and you can send back the other pieces with no additional charge. Whenever you want a new selection of clothes to be delivered to your doorstep, just contact your personal expert stylist!

The Tog + Porter team prides itself in finding clothes that fits each individual client’s personal lifestyle, budget and body type because Tog + Porter’s ultimate goal is to offer their customer’s a personal, unique version of their favorite looks so they can save time and look fabulous.

Tog + Porter primarily works with lines from Velvet, Splendid, Line&Dot, James Jeans, Paige Premium Denim, Michael Kors, Darling, Hobo International, Kersh, Collective Concepts and many more. Don’t see your favorite designer on this list? Have no fear, Tog + Porter loves working with new clothing lines that you have seen in a department store or favorite boutique.

Tog + Porter stock tops in sizes X-Small through X-Large (0-16), pants in sizes 0 to 16 and denim in sizes 23 to 33.

If you are interested in requesting an appointment with a Tog + Porter stylist, simply fill out an online form for a short style consulation and you will soon be on your way to a new, fashionable life!


Photos courtesy of Tog + Porter

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