Spread The Heart

Everyone saw Japan become brutally destroyed when a record earthquake and tsunami hit the country and surrounding areas. Everyone felt the pain and distraught that Japan citizens faced. Thousands lost their lives and millions have been affected by this tragedy. Now, we watch Japan rebuild its country.

To help rebuild Japan, Shenae Grimes, actress and fashion icon, created a campaign called “Spread the Heart.” The idea of the campaign is to substitute a daily purchase, such as coffee or candy, to donate to the Yoshiki Foundation America.

Grimes also wrote a two-part journal for the Huffington Post recalling what she witnessed while in Japan during the earthquake: The Earthquake as I remember it and The Earthquake as I saw it. She wrote the articles to spread awareness of how much help Japan needs in order to rebuild its cities.

Grimes was travelling in Japan when the earthquake hit. She felt the ground shaking, witnessed the trauma, experienced the chaos within the region, and became inspired by the locals strength in such hard times.

By sharing her experience in Japan, Grimes hopes that viewers will choose to share the love and Spread the Heart.

To donate to the Yoshiki Foundation, visit the website and click “Donate Funds“.

 Will you Spread the Heart?

*photos courtesy of Tyler Shields

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