Fashbo.com – Social Networking for The Fashion Elite

All photos courtesy of Fashbo Users*

Have you ever created a fabulous outfit and wanted to share it with a fashion network, but never exactly knew where to start? Enter Fashbo.com, a user friendly online social network that focuses on sharing stylish outfits, creative designs and inspirational looks.

This website allows individuals to upload, comment or share designs between the “Fashbo world.” It expands communication throughout fashion and encourages participation at every level of design.

So whether you are a creator or a viewer with an interest in fashion, this website is perfect for you!

You may be wondering: How does this social network function?

Each uploaded Fashbo (a fashion-related, uploaded picture), can be ranked and commented by viewers in the Fashbo community. Plus, with such direct feedback for each Fashbo, this is a great outlet for fashion participants to receive quick responses about their products and stylish taste.

If a Fashbo earns a top ranking, the Fashbo team (@Fashbo1) tweets about it! With over 12,000 followers,  this is a great marketing tool for upcoming designers to utilize.

Each Fashbo is also organized by color, clothing item, categories, age, and keyword, which allows quick and concise searches for Fashbo browsers. Even for Fashbo users who choose not to upload their own Fashbo’s, participation and comments are still encouraged on the site.

But… another perk of uploading content onto Fashbo’s site is that The Fashbo team does feature pieces on active and popular Fashbo users through their blog. This helps create a personal image to the Fashbo content for personal branding!

Joining Fashbo is easy and valuable for those interested in participating in online fashion conversations. For any further questions regarding the fashionable social networking site Fashbo, please email support@fashbo.com.

These are Fashbos by Andrea Blythe.

*Fashbo users who uploaded photos in beginning of post are kitty, shecallsmeqt, allsmiles27, devaandleah, bellamaven and amakin

2 thoughts on “Fashbo.com – Social Networking for The Fashion Elite

  1. katiestansberry says:

    Very interesting post. I’m thinking of uploading this picture of Paul to Fashbo – what do you think?


    • blythe3 says:

      Such a fashion-savvy little stud! I believe many fashbo mothers would love to see this inspirational (and adorable) outfit for their own children!

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