A New Twist to the Podcast

I’ll be completely honest. Besides seeing Peyton Sawyer‘s podcast on the hit television series, One Tree Hill, I have never been involved with podcasting.

So, after I stumbled on a fashion-related podcast site, MODTV, I was extremely impressed! The site creates podcasts about runway shows, including Jason Wu (above video), Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander Wang.

Each podcast includes backstage information about the runway show, like the makeup & hair for models, the inspiration for the runway look and the clothing pieces too!

Instead of a reporter talking about a runway show, the MODTV podcasts get all their content from interviews with the models, makeup artists and hair stylists working in the show. Sometimes, even the designers make an appearance in the podcast to describe their vision for the show.

My absolute favorite part about the podcast? Each one is like a mini-episode, running no longer than 5 minutes – an ideal length for any working fashionista!

As well as doing podcasts on runway shows, MODTV also does features on Models. Since I am obsessed with Alessandra Ambrosio (twitter: @AngelAlessandra), I was thrilled to see a podcast about her and share it with you! Enjoy!

*videos and photo courtesy of MODTV. Follow MODTV on twitter (@MODTV), or become a fan of them on facebook.

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