The Best Fashion Summer Internship

With summer approaching, many students begin searching for an ideal internship. Whether it is working in an advertising office or assisting a chef, everyone wants to have that fabulous internship that will help build a solid resume toward his or her preferred career. On the other side, summer is also a time to unwind, have fun and enjoy the warm weather. But how can you balance both? Enter College Fashionista, a fashion blog that discusses trends on many campuses throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

Each day has a designated topic on which the Gurus write.  Monday is style advice- a new tip to incorporate into your wardrobe to start off your week with style.  Tuesday and Thursday the Style Gurus will be posting corresponding pictures and trends they captured being carried out by Fashionistas on their respective campuses. Wednesday is Fashionista Spotlight, a focus on a student on campus and their opinion on fashion. Friday is all about the fashion news happening in the industry that affect the college student, what to wear over the weekend as well as features on local shops near campus, called “Boutique of The Week” and Fashion From Abroad

With only one weekly blog post requirement, not only is the time input minimum, but most of research can be done outside! Here’s how it works:

1. While walking around your university, see if you can find any fashionistas rocking the hottest trends and styles.

2. Snap a artistic photo of the entire outfit, as well as specific items that made the outfit so inspiring to share.

3. Write a stylistic blog describing the outfit, as well as references for making a similar outfit. This is a great way to demonstrate your journalistic skills by composing a creative blog that engages the College Fashionista readers.

4. College Fashionista’s staff takes care of formatting photos and posting the blog onto their website.

So, if you are interested in representing your fashionable campus and gaining editorial fashion experience, become College Fashionista Style Guru by sending your resume to and experience the perfect summer internship for you!

To see my internship experience, check out the College Fashionista segment under my E-Portfolio. Show your support for this fabulous blog by following College Fashionista and College Fashionista UK on Twitter or by liking them on Facebook.

*photo courtesy of College Fashionista and Beautiful & Dazzled

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