The Kardashian Brand- Finally Too Much?

I’m not going to lie, I am one of the millions who are obsessed with the Kardashians. Between the boutique Dash, the reality tv series Keeping Up with The Kardashians and all the other Kardashian enterprises, the Kardashian brand has become an entrepreneurial phenomenon.

But really, how much, is too much? Especially when, from TV footage, there appears to be a lack of marketing expertise and public relations/communications input within the company. From recent events, it seems that America is finally realizing and acknowledging many Kardashian mistakes.

First, there was the mishap with branding the new Kardashian Sears clothing line this sumemr with an invitation to “Join the Kardashian Klan.” Yes, changing everything with a “Kah” sound to a K was normally a brilliant and successful marketing strategy for the Kardashians brand, but this little mishap offended many Kardashian fans.

Secondly, there is much speculation about Kim’s intentions with the entire marriage fiasco with Kris Humphries, where many observers believe the entire relationship was based on dollar signs. Whether true, or false, negative publicity dealing with such a sacred topic like marriage is never good for a brand, especially following such a controversial reality-tv documentation about their relationship.

Lastly, and most recently, the Kardashians have faced negative publicity about their purse line, with many claims and accusations that the girls made “knock-off bags.” I must admit, that the Kardashians may have just been making bags inspired by their own style, favorite bags that are in their own personal wardrobe, bags that are most likely designer purses, hence the strong similarity between the designer bags and Kardashian collection. But, to counter act this point, I must bring up that this could be a creative design problem. The Kardashians aren’t designers, especially for purses, which may be exactly what lead to this problem in the first place.

The Kardashians need to stop expanding their enterprise to areas they have no experience in and can no longer control, or they need to bring in new employees to help market their brand to be seen favorably in the public eye. But let’s be real, having a “Melissa Smith” incorporated with the brand is unthinkable. Kris Kardashian won’t even delegate managerial skills to Scott Disick. My theory? Stick to the Dash Boutiques, where the entire Kardashian brand started.

From personal experience, even those stores are struggling.

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