Help! I Need a Dress!

My cousin is getting married this weekend in San Diego and, as the fashion-junkie I am, I assumed my closet contained a fabulous selection of dresses for this fall family event. Sadly, I was completely wrong. The only stylish, wedding-appropriate dress I would be willing to wear with the family is white lace (I mean, there is a little black lace detailing, but still, I’m trying to steer way clear of upstaging the bride).

Below is a selection of age-appropriate, gorgeous dresses that would be suitable for any individual attending a fall wedding…. but don’t worry, we’ll get to the shoe dilemma later.

This Donna Morgan Belted Chiffon Dress is the perfect subtle way to make a statement at a wedding. Not only are these two colors fabulous for many skin tones, the dress has a wide variety of colors to find the perfect match to your ensemble!

If you are looking for a sexy dress to impress a certain someone, this Adrianna Papell Dress is ideal for you. I love the simple detailing, and the color is unreal.
This Suzi Chin dress is ideal for any body shape or size. The dark navy material will make the body appear slimmer, and the yellow tie not only adds the perfect pop of color for a wedding, but emphasizes and defines the waist line.

I’m a huge fan of the “berry” and “plum” colors, especially with an asymmetrical style. This design is perfect for anyone with a bigger bust line. Paired with a statement necklace and fabulous nude pumps, this outfit is ideal for any wedding!


Statement Necklaces are great- This necklace can be paired with any color!

Nude Pumps are the perfect investment for wedding guest apparel, not only do they brighten any dress, but actually match any dress you want to wear.

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