A Fam Bam Dedication








The bond between family is stronger than any friendship, relationship or rivalry. I’ve been blessed to have two families, one consisting of blood relatives, and the other, consisting of relatives bonded by chlorinated water.

On August 17th, Bradley Babcock died. I found out at 3 am, across the world, in Italy. Yet, although I was farther from my G to the O Fam Bam, I had never felt more pain, sadness, or shock. I had never felt closer to my lifeguard family.

You see, Brad was sort of a lost soul, but an individual who could never be more himself than when he was in the pool. That was his direction, that was his guidance. Swimming laps in the lane ropes is where Bradley truly shined.

It was the first time I truly experienced death. The death of someone who you thought would be in your life for many years to come. The death of someone which impacts all of your closest friends, your family, to the point that they share your devastation, all of your emotions.

It was strange, my parents were at his remembrance celebration, yet, I felt more comforted by a different a family. My Fam Bam. They were the family members I needed by my side.

My old Swim Coach, asked me to pastel a photo of Glen Oaks for him about a year ago, but only recently have I found the motivation to start and complete it. finally.

So, this one is for you Bradley, swim on.

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