Holiday Gifts… for Him

Publishing a “Holiday Gift Guide for Her,” was an easy task, until I realized that the majority of my followers are females. And, let’s be real, females tend to worry about finding “the perfect gift” a little more than boys do. So, with help from my best friend, Rob Retzlaff, Justin Burr, and Alex Dubov, I composed a list of fabulous holiday gifts that any husband, fiancé, boyfriend, brother, son, or father would love.

1. JACKET: Black Northface Jacket

Who wouldn’t want a sleek, black, warm jacket that can be paired with any pair of jeans, or shoes?

JACKET: Banana Republic Peacoat

If you’re looking for Edward Cullen, here’s the next best thing! Get a stylish Peacoat that he can wear all winter.

2. SHOES: TOMS Hatcher Houndstooth Slip On

If there is one thing I know about guys, it is that they love wearing their slippers, even in public. Luckily, these shoes function as both. So not only will your guy love a new pair of slippers, you’ll be happy wherever he chooses to wear them.


This Nike Air Max 90 Premium ID Shoe can customized to any color. Make a themed shoe that coordinates with his favorite sports team and he will love you forever!

3. WATCH: Nixon “The Platform Watch

This watch is perfect for everyday use and comes in an array of fabulous colors. Observe his standard every items, such as wallet, belt, shoes and match accordingly.

WATCH: Tag Heur “Aqua Racer” Automatic

For someone looking for a more intimate, pricier gift, this watch is the perfect fit.

4. COLOGNE: Chanel Bleu De Eau Toilette Spray

You can never go wrong with Chanel, especially when the fragrance is described as making him smell “clean and fresh.” So if you’re man hates hygiene, this is the perfect gift.

COLOGNE: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Fall Set

Another fabulous cologne, … and with matching deodorant? SOLD!

5. Heather Moore Monogrammed Money Clip

If you want to get him an investment piece that you know he will use everyday, this is the perfect gift. Add a personal touch by monogramming his initials.

WALLET: Toddland Manstache Wallet

If your guy is a little more fun and relaxed, he may appreciate a humorous wallet with a design, like a mustache, shown above.

6. ELECTRONICS: Diddy Beats High Performance Head Phones

If you want the top of the line headphones for your guy, these are the ones for you (I mean, they are made by P.Diddy, who couldn’t provide a better set of headphones for the music market?)

ELECTRONICS: Travel Charging Valet

Keep three of your favorite electronics fully charged when needed, perfect for any man who travels a lot!

7. ALCOHOL ACCESSORIES: Maker’s Mark Cocktail Glass

My dad is a big bourbon fan, so I’d recommend this Maker’s Mark cocktail glass. Many alcoholic companies have a gift-store website, so if your guy is not necessary into this brown liquor, you can check out some of his other favorite alcoholic beverages.

ALCOHOL ACCESSORIES: Golf Club Drink Dispenser

Does your guy like to golf? More importantly, does your guy like to drink? Well, if so, this is the perfect gift for you!


For the whiskey lover, keep your drink cool without the annoying watered down taste- perfect for any icy drink! (alcoholic or not)

8. SWIMWEAR: Sundek Long Board Shorts

SWIMWEAR: Reef Off the Top Board Shorts

(personally, my favorite shorts is the RVCA Wonder Trunk, but sadly it’s almost out of stock)

Even though the holidays occur during winter, why not get some items that can be used during another part of the year? Maybe it will even give him the hint that you really want to go to Hawaii for new years… just maybe.

9. Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

Every man should own a durable, yet stylish belt. The reversible black and brown makes it perfect- now he’ll always match his outfit!

10. Osprey Aether 70 Pack

If your guy is interested in hiking, the Osprey Aether 70 Pack is the top of the line item he needs. What’s even better, it can be formed into different shape to personally adapt to any trip it is needed for use.

11. HATS- Lower “Phife” Hats

Instead of buying the typical “Favorite Sports Team” Hat, you should get these colorful hats to change his wardrobe, especially if he is into great prints and fabulous colors.

12. DVD – The Art of Flight

For any guy who likes to Snowboard, this is one of the best snowboarding movies ever made. A definite recommendation to watch after the holidays with some leftover eggnog.

… and just remember, if all else fails, just get him a bottle of nice whiskey (if over 21, of course).

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