The Best Holiday Gifts for Her

It’s that time of year. Particularly, my favorite season, but for most boyfriends, brothers, sons, fiancés and husbands, it can be dreadful. Simply with the concept of purchasing the “perfect” gift for that “special” someone, can drain all of the fun out of the holiday season. Worry no longer, men. I have created a list of recommended gifts that any lady would be excited to receive- Now, go enjoy eggnog, build a snowman and watch A Christmas Story, your fears may be calmed.

1. A fun, stylish case for any of her gadgets.


Realistically, anything Kate Spade for the iPhone, iPad, or Laptop will suffice. Her designs are adorable and I have never heard any complaints.

LAPTOP CASE – Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Neoprene Laptop Case

Don’t worry, if you love this design, it comes in a tablet case as well.

TABLET CASE – Tory Burch

Really, any of her tablet cases are simple and gorgeous. My personal favorite for this winter is the Raspberry case, but the leopard print would be perfect for a girl who loves that print, and black a great for a basic cover that will last for years.

iPhone Case – Marc Jacobs

The colors? A must. I believe that a phone case needs to be bright- it is much easier to locate in a purse. I love the combination of the bright mint writing in contrast with the navy background. Still subtle, but fun.

2. A piece of jewelry that is clearly NOT for proposing. (Not trying to get you in that situation)

Watch- Michael Kors Gold Rose Plated Watch

This piece is the best way to pull off a watch as a piece of jewelry. With its crystal embellishments, gorgeous color and feminine design, how could she not wear this watch everyday?

STATEMENT JEWELRY – Seasonal Whispers Bangles

These come in a set of 6 bangles, a perfect way to accessorize any outfit. Observe who you are buying these gifts for, see what set of metal she usually wears- and wallah! Choose the metal/style that fits with her already-owned jewelry.


I mean, you’re basically getting her flowers and jewelry in one gift, what’s not to love?


If you choose a fragrance that you personally love, I am sure she will want to wear it just to please you. If your lost in that department, here are a couple of my recommendations.

Fragrance – Miss Dior Cherie Leau Perfume

I think Dior just recently changed the bottle design to green, but the perfume is fabulous.

Fragrance – Burberry Brit

Another fabulous fragrance, I would highly recommend.

Hopefully this list helps refine your holiday gift shopping- feel free to ask questions for other gift items to work for specific situations.

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