The Best Photo Spreads of All Time

It’s quite pathetic, but from being so busy, I just got to read the Vogue September Issue tonight. And, I must admit, I was extremely unimpressed with it. The majority of the magazine consisted of advertisements and had no coverage of fashion week, nor recommendations for trends to look for during the fall/winter season. But, lastly, the main spread with Kate Moss, was mediocre. The cover of Vogue, had a beautiful photo of Kate Moss, which not only was amazing in grabbing the passerby’s attention, but had a color scheme that matched my room. Let’s just say, I was expecting a lot of out this magazine.

Dresses with elaborate detail, shoes that made your mouth drop, trends with such inspiration … any reader would head immediately to SAKS with a list of a million pieces he or she needed to incorporate into their wardrobe.

But most importantly, the main photo spread. I love Kate Moss, but every page, to me, was just, blah.

So, I’ve composed a blog devoted to my favorite Fashion Magazine Spreads- any major photograph series that would have been absolutely fabulous taking the place of the VOGUE Sept. 2011 issue.

1. Emma Watson’s Spread in JULY VOGUE

The colors, that lipstick, the clothes, THOSE tights? C’mon Vogue, I know Harry Potter came out in July, blah blah blah, strategic marketing… why couldn’t this spread been postponed until September?

2. Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair, December 2009

Let’s take a really, really good looking guy, place him by a gorgeous beach, playing the piano, maybe drinking a corona and looking really cool. Whoever thought of this photo shoot was a pure genius.

3. Rachel McAdams, Elle June Issue, 2011

This spread easily consists of the sexiest, classiest and edgiest photos I have ever seen. The article with this entree was just as fascinating as the photographs that go with it.

Do you have any favorite spreads? I would love to hear/see them!

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