Favorite December Nail Polish

My favorite past time is shopping for new nail polish colors, partly because my nails need to constantly be painted or else I will tear my nails completely off. This season, I find myself reaching for the same bottles to help accentuate any winter outfit.

If your nails chip easily…


I recommend OPI’s “Designer…De Better!” Nailpolish from the Muppets Collection. Not only does the light color blends perfectly with your natural nail color, but if it chips, you will hardly notice. (Fabulous for anyone who prefers having the same color,without fix-up, on their nails for a week… aka everyone.) Best part? This color looks amazing on any skin tone!

If you have dark skin…


Well, first, I hate you. Not only am I envious of anyone who can remain sufficiently and naturally tan during the winter, but I’m also jealous that you can wear this nail polish, in the way it is intended to be worn. Add the ideal touch of flirt and femininity to any edgy outfit by painting your nails with OPI’s, “I Think In Pink.” Don’t worry, for those ghosts out there like me, this color still looks fabulous when contrasted with a black outfit. Keep in mind ladies, this polish is a little on the sheer side, so it requires 3+ layers.

If you want to join the dark side… But not actually.


I recommend OPI’s “Lincoln Park At Midnight,” this color has a very dark shade, almost black, but with hint of purple it’s perfect for those who believe black makes their skin look “washed out.”

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