Chanel Goes To India

For the Paris-Bombay 2011/2012 Métiers d’arte show, Chanel incorporated the classic tweed with a new spin to the collection: Indian fashion.

Each garment embraced beautiful elements of indian culture and fashion, and combined these eastern style with the fashion-forward mentality that Karl Lagerfield always creates for the Chanel fashion line.  Outfits included embroidered tunics and sashes, metallic saris and turbans, and many salwar kameezes. Of course, staying true to the Chanel signature look, each outfit incorporated tweed items as well.

To complete the look, models wore gorgeous headpieces and ring-bracelet combinations.

Although Lagerfield had never visited India, he believed the runway show embodied “The Paris version of the idea of India.”

To look at the entire collection, visit Chanel‘s website. To see the collection in photos, go to

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