Oregon to Wear… Adidas?

When one thinks of athletics at the University of Oregon, Nike immediately comes to mind. As a child in a very Duck family, I grew up in Nike and never understood why I couldn’t wear “Adidas” soccer shorts, like some of my friends.

Well, as a senior at the University of Oregon, I certainly do. Phil Knight graduated from the business school at Oregon, and created an athletic empire called Nike. His generosity to not only athletics, but academics at the university has tremendously contributed to make Oregon one of the best universities in the country today.

On Dec. 15, Nike’s top competitor Adidas announced that it is the official supplier for the Bowl Championship Series.

In creating a BCS sweatshirt for the Oregon Ducks, Adidas was, “prohibited from using the stylized “O” that appears often on Nike-licensed merchandise, as well as the Disney-licensed Duck mascot image” (Brettman, the Oregonian).

With these restrictions, the final product came to be a weak design that looks like it surfaced from the 1994 Rose Bowl.

If this sweatshirt does appeal to you, do not worry, you won’t completely betray Nike by openly sporting Adidas. Due to licensing and franchising agreements, the Adidas logo is not visible. This pertains to schools like Stanford and LSU, as well. It is worthy to note that every licensing agreement is different, some schools, like Alabama, are licensed with Nike but will still have the Adidas logo on their BCS apparel.

Although the product is signifying a great event, the lack of innovative design detracts from my desire to purchase the product.

Oregon’s athletic apparel always serves as the trendsetter, with new concepts and color schemes incorporated into all aspects of each clothing line associated with the school. The mediocre apparel that Adidas has constructed for the BCS not only detracts from what fashionably, Oregon is known for, but will not appeal to the Oregon consumer.

Therefore, I predict a lack of sales for Adidas with the Rose Bowl Game.

Luckily, Nike is the official locker room T-shirt and Cap supplier for the winning locker room after the game. So here’s to high hopes that Oregon wins the Rose Bowl so its fans can receive the stylish memorabilia we deserve.

What do you think? Will you succumb to Adidas and purchase one of these memorabilia items?

*photos courtesy of Business Insider and Adidas.

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