How to Create a Memorable Lookbook

Lookbooks serve as a make-or-break presentation for a designer’s winter, spring, summer or fall collection and as an outlet for viewers (specifically, buyers) to interpret and judge the design and idea of an upcoming set of clothes. These two elements to every lookbook highlight the importance of not only creating an absolutely likable presentation, but a memorable lookbook, as well.

Key Elements to a Successful Lookbook:

1. The Lookbook needs to clearly communicate the collection’s concept, while still coinciding with the the label’s overall brand identity.

A successful clothing line has a target audience. To maintain that audience a lookbook needs to show the consumers how to expand their wardrobe while remaining true to their personal style.

2. The Lookbook needs to show the clothes.

Although intricate and crazy photographs may catch the consumer’s attention, if he or she cannot see the clothes, what’s the point?

3. Not every page can have the name of the collection on it, so it’s extremely important that a lookbook is easily identifiable. The best branding occurs when someone can identify the label or designer from simply glancing at its Lookbook.

      (Chanel? Free People? Both always have amazing lookbooks from a branding perspective)

Erin Fetherston created an ideal, and noteworthy, lookbook for her Erin Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

First, each photo successfully transforms her always feminine and dainty collection to a new level: darling with a topping of fierce. Another brilliant addition? Each photo places a model in front of a mirror, serving as a beautifully clever way to view the back of each outfit.

Although all pieces in this collection are amazing, I chose my absolute favorites and placed them below:

*photos courtesy of Erin Fetherston and Fabulously Broke

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