Burberry… Here to Stay

The quintessential element to any successful marketing campaign depends on the level of motivation it instigates into the target audience to want to buy the product being advertised. Not only must a campaign have an impact on the fashion industry, but the components of that campaign must also make a lasting impression that clearly defines the brand. The Fall/Winter 2009 Burberry advertisement campaign featuring Emma Watson incorporated all of these ideas and created a highly successful marketing campaign in the fashion industry.

Emma Watson, playing the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter series, had an innocent, childlike media presence in 2009. Burberry recognized that this actress was not only a world wide phenomenon, but also a fashion-savvy and gorgeous young woman. By incorporating a dark color palleted advertisement campaign with Emma dressed in mature outfits and wearing smoky-eyed makeup, Burberry made a provocative statement in the classiest way possible. The public noticed Emma looking as a beautiful, elegantly sexy lady, all thanks to Burberry. The entire campaign concept successfully demonstrated Burberry clothing and accessories in a positive light, where viewers who saw the advertisement received the message that, by wearing Burberry, they too, could be as classy, sophisticated and mature as Emma Watson.

Working with Mario Testino, Burberry’s marketing team and the world wide celebrated photographer created a true masterpiece that not only caught the publics eye, but truly established and redefined the Burberry brand. Since Burberry was founded in England by Thomas Burberry, featuring an English model in the advertisement stayed true to the company’s historical background. With Watson featured wearing trench coats and beautiful accessories, including Burberry’s fabulous Woolf bag, a timelessly beautiful advertisement resulted which appealed to an audience of many ages.

“I wanted the images to represent both the rich history and the modernity of the Burberry brand, while at the same time reflecting a quiet beauty, timelessness and strength that is particularly significant today,” commented Christopher Bailey, the Burberry Creative Director, in reflection about the campaign’s strategy and purpose.

Burberry had been facing negative publicity during the early 2000’s regarding the famous trademarked plaid design that defined the designer label. Critics and buyers began dismissing the brand as “frumpy,” with the association that the design represented “gang wear” and worn by “hooligans.” This campaign, appearing after advertisements with Kate Moss, not only revitalized the brand, but also contributed to a 27 percent increase in Burberry’s 2010 sales.

The fashion industry, fast paced and always changing, forces those working with clothes and accessories to always be one step ahead of the next trend. It is important to note; however, that those who truly succeed and leave a lasting impression in the business possess not only fashionable taste, but style as well.

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashions change. Style remains.” This statement relates to Burberry’s timeless advertisement because although it featured Burberry fashion, the entire marketing campaign embodied style. With the Burberry Brit Fall 2009 Campaign featuring Emma Watson, the designer label truly showed its target audience that in the fashion industry fashion will change, but Burberry will remain.

*photos courtesy of Burberry

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