How to Wear Colored Denim

After seeing many colored jeans in many new colored hues, it looks like colored denim is here to stay.

With the trend lasting over a year, I am still shocked that whenever I wear my colored denim, many peers always compliment my outfit with an additional, “I wish I were confident enough to wear colored denim.”

Why NOT change up a bland outfit this winter with some pop of color? Here are some tips for the shyer fashionistas to help them dive into wearing color denim.

1. Start with a color you know you’ll wear.

My first purchase was a royal blue pair of J Brand Jeans. I already wear blue denim daily (obviously), and wanted my first pair of denim to still slightly resemble a normal pair of jeans.

After receiving compliments, I gained more confidence and then purchased another pair in burgundy. I wanted to try a more drastic pair of colored-jeans, that could still work as an accent color in my wardrobe.

Another great step would be to try neutral colors. Instead of a royal blue as a “baby step,” you could try a gray, olive green, or brown pair of jeans. Although, the royal blue was a perfect starting step to get over my fear of wearing colored-denim, if that color is still too drastic, try this amazing navy pair of Citizens.

2. Pair color denim with Basic Colors

I always try to make my colored-denim the focal point of the outfit; if there is too much going on, it is very easy to stray from “stylish,” to a “colored mess”. My outfits always include neutral pieces, aside from the jeans. My shirt, jacket, scarf and shoes are either gray, brown or black, but typically I prefer black. Work with the hue of the jeans to decipher what basics you want to wear.

Once you’ve become comfortable with wearing your colored denim in a subtle way, you can begin preparation for color-blocking this spring & summer!

3. Have fun with it!

Fashion is always about expressing your personality. Don’t over think what you are wearing, but have fun with changing up your style & wardrobe! I always tend to stick to the same kind of jeans, colors and style. The first step is going to a store and just trying on as many colored-pairs as you can find!

Good luck & I can’t wait to hear about your colored-denim stories!

*photo courtesy of AG Adriano Goldschmied

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