Just Some Fabulousness

After a fun weekend in Portland, the last thing I need to do is continue my online shopping habit. For some slightly rude reason, my email inbox contained so many items that were absolutely amazing this morning; I decided to share them with you.


1. The lightning yellow Alice + Olivia tank fulfills all of my requirements for perfection. Between the color, complimenting any brunette or blond, AND the detailing in the back, this top is a great way to enhance your wardrobe on many levels

2. After seeing many golden globe nominees flawlessly pull of a beautiful headband during the ceremony, headbands are becoming, yet again, a “must have,” this season. Although yes, I do consider headbands a trend, due to the hype from the Golden Globes, let’s be real. Headbands come back into style annually, so why not invest in a fabulous one that you can wear for years? The Opening Ceremony headband is stylish and funky, but has a neutral palette, so pairing this with any outfit will be easy and repetitive.

3. The hot pink Alice + Olivia blazer is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your winter, or spring, wardrobe. Plus, neon hues always darken you skin tone and naturally make you look like you have some color, instead of the pasty white we are all currently facing with these sun-less days.

4. The Kate Spade headband fits more into an experimental budget range, somebody who wants to try wearing headbands, but never has before. It is still fabulous and can be worn with many outfits, with it’s delicate structure and beautiful golden hue.

5. After seeing the Alice + Olivia sunglasses, (clearly, I received an email on specifically this designer brand), I had to laugh because last night I gave advice to a dear friend (miss @K_Allred), about getting “Jackie-O” sunglasses and what frame would be best. These sunglasses are versatile for many face shapes and would be the perfect pair of “statement” sunglasses for spring!

6. The Ginette_NY ring is a great, basic ring that can be worn daily. Many are slowly saying goodbye to statement jewelery  to replace it with a new spring favorite: delicate, simple jewelery. Still not ready to part with fun, crazy jewelery? No worries. “Wrist Parties” are still in style!


*photos courtesy of: Shopbop, Kate Spade, Alice + Olivia and Opening Ceremony.

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