Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture

While viewing the Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture, I became green with envy and hoped to take some of that green home with me. Literally.

With a bright lime green complementing a reptile palette, Armani Privé shined with it’s couture collection of dresses this year. The blazers and pants where beautiful as well, but once the dresses hit the runway, Armani Privé made an everlasting impact of amazement in everybody’s mind.

With a theme of “metamorphosis,” Armani truly reinvented his couture line.  Each dress showed inspiration and elegance; each piece spoke for itself on how much insurmountable time was spent creating each dress to achieve such a level of delicacy.

The only thought that comes to mind now is Rachel Zoe’s relief in finding the perfect collection of gowns for her clients to wear while attending the Oscars this year.

Oh… and just HOW fabulous of a public relations team Giorgio Armani truly has. With the recent announcement of present-attendee Jessica Chastain’s Oscar nomination, Giorgio Armani handed her a congratulatory bouquet of flowers after the show. Let’s see what gown Chastain will choose wear to the Academy Awards, now.

What do you think about the Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture Collection?

*photos courtesy of & Giorgio Armani

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