Sheer for Spring

Besides lovely pastel prints, intricate detailing and jaw-dropping ensembles, the Spring 2012 Couture shows had one other element in common: many dresses were sheer in the most ladylike manner.


Versace 2012 Spring Collection included sheer material that emphasized the length of each model’s legs. Some dresses  incorporated sheer material a little more provocatively than others, but overall, each dress was tasteful and elegant.


Christian Dior came out with exquisite palettes of color (my personal favorite: purple & nude!) and not only incorporated sheer material with each item on the runway, but made the sheer material the focal point of the entire collection. With stitching, embroidery and pleating, many dresses made its statement by utilizing sheer material each design.


By looking at these gorgeous gowns, it is obvious that Elie Saab guessed exactly what its audiences wanted this upcoming spring. The sheer material present is a little riskier with this collection, but the subtle pastel palette with gorgeous detail tones down the provocative elements of each design.


Valentino chose to incorporate a neutral color palette for dresses inspired by the 19th century. Valentino mostly incorporated the sheer material to cover the arms for each gown, but also had sheer material for the rest of the dress as well.

So, on the runway, the trend was clearly incorporating sheer material for a subtle, sexier look. Will you try to use sheer material this upcoming spring?


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One thought on “Sheer for Spring

  1. Miami Olivia says:

    Pastels for Spring are a given. But the sheer loveliness of the Dior sheers is both ladylike and femme fatal all at once. These designs were clearly “left-overs” from the John Galliano vault as the current designer in charge does not have this level of talent. Nice article.Nice clean blog layout as well!

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