Tadashi Shoji FW 2012

Feb. 9, 2012: Immediately as the Tadashi Shoji FW 2012 runway show began, viewers traveled back in time with a beautiful orchestra depicting  music from the  romantic golden age of the 1940’s. The style? Even more glamorous.

To my surprise, techno began playing, beginning a switch back and forth between modern and classical times.  I also became very confused when a brief collection of gowns, with a distasteful fabric, that reminded me of the stained floral pillows from a very old house paused in the 70’s.

Honestly, I just didn’t get the entire show. I started out amazed with the beauty and sophistication of the collection, but then garments came out that were, sadly, mediocre.

When the classical music symphony returned, it just made the runway seem slower, more boring than its first entrance.

Overall, it was inconsistent to me. There were a couple stand out garments, but a couple “Why is that on the runway?” moments, as well.

A little disappointing Tadashi Shoji, I expected much more from you!

What did you think?

*all photos courtesy of Tadashi Shoji, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and First Comes Fashion

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