When Fashion & Social Media Meet: Free People

It is an exciting time for the Fashion Industry, where designers and boutiques have tools to connect with more customers than ever through the use of social media. When a designer takes advantage of such opportunities, while maintaining a clearly defined and consistent brand image throughout these platforms, success is bound to occur. For example, … Continue reading When Fashion & Social Media Meet: Free People

Boutique Spotlight: Aritzia

"Aritzia is a women's fashion boutique that offers beautifully designed clothes that are on trend, high quality, and good value." - About Aritizia Aritzia began in Vancouver, Canada and since it's opening in 1984, has opened boutiques across the United States, Canada and Europe. The boutique expanded its fashion empire by opening a sister boutique, … Continue reading Boutique Spotlight: Aritzia

How to Successfully Participate in Social Media

With the fashion industry openly embracing and taking advantage of the rising popularity of Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and blogs for marketing purposes, it is more important than ever that each employee representing a brand on social media platforms clearly understand the company's target audience and communicative goal. To ensure that any fashion stakeholder successfully utilizes … Continue reading How to Successfully Participate in Social Media