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After starting her own fashion blog, Reality Chic, Erin Flynn struggled expanding her audience platform and realized an existing gap within the blogging industry: How can bloggers and brands successfully connect with its target audience, and vice versa?

This is how Erin, along with her husband Colin and sister-in-law Amy, came up with the premise of Canopi. The upcoming social media platform helps brands connect to the right bloggers so that, in return, these bloggers can access resources and receive instant feedback that they often can’t find with their individual blogging efforts. The Canopi team hopes to create an eco-system around bloggers to acknowledge and heighten the potential value of blogging efforts.

The BETA site is currently in the developing process, but is scheduled to launch in early May.

Canopi’s ultimate goal is to create an online fashion platform to best connect fashion bloggers with like-minded readers.

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The site is for anyone who loves to read fashion content or blog about fashion and would like an easier way to filter & find blogs that pertain to a specific interest.

Writers can post exclusive blog posts to Canopi or connect their existing blog by using the Canopi plugin. Each blog post receives a score based on how many readers tweet, share, pin, and comment on the post.

Users can also set up a profile similar to Pinterest and “bangle” favorite posts to organized boards. The amount of posts that are “bangled” also contribute to a blog’s overall score. Erin explains the benefits of having such a feature on the site. “Readers can follow blogs in a personal ‘Fashion Feed’ and wake up to their favorite blogger’s content every morning,” the Canopi founder says, “…It’s like a cup of coffee, but better and more stylish!”

Blog posts that receive top scores will be featured on the constantly updated Canopi leader board homepage, which will help any independent blogger gain credible exposure.

Canopi members also have the opportunity to earn points to redeem rewards, including free items, extra exposure, or a donation to a cause.

The entire premise of Canopi relies on blogging engagement. This platform is perfect for those who want instant feedback and insight about how audiences’ perceive the content their producing. Bloggers will learn instantaneously what topics are valuable to certain viewers and build connections with such users who are interested in what they have to say.

Canopi also provides bloggers the opportunity to connect with brands that match the blogger’s style. For those interested in working with a brand connected with Canopi, the administrators will help match bloggers with brands that best fit their writing purposes.

Although Canopi primarily serves the entrepreneurial fashion blogger, the platform also benefits avid fashion readers, as well. Erin explains, “We want to provide an opportunity for readers to explore fashion blog content around the world based on location, style interests and popularity. The readers’ vote determines which posts make the leader board.”

Stay Connected:
If you want to stay connected with Canopi to receive updates, or simply learn more about the company- like them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter and Pinterest.

For any bloggers who want to get involved, the Canopi team encourages you to connect with them by sending an email ( and let them know how you want to take part in “exposing yourself” to the online community.

The Canopi Team:

Erin graduated from Christian Brother’s University with a degree in Marketing. She worked on her fashion blog for two years and experienced the ins and outs of what it means to be a fashion blogger by attending Fashion Week and becoming a Huffington Post Blogger. Follow her on twitter (@realitychicblog)

Colin, Erin’s husband, graduated from Christian Brothers University with an Electrical Engineering degree and has worked for a top Fortune 500 company. Now, Colin serves as Canopi’s tech & operations guru. Follow him on Twitter (@colinpflynn)

Amy graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Business Administration and is an expert in Google Adwords & Analytics.

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