How to Successfully Participate in Social Media

With the fashion industry openly embracing and taking advantage of the rising popularity of Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and blogs for marketing purposes, it is more important than ever that each employee representing a brand on social media platforms clearly understand the company’s target audience and communicative goal.

To ensure that any fashion stakeholder successfully utilizes their online platforms, it is recommend to have a company social media policy. To implement a successful plan, each social media policy should contain the content below.

1. Define your target audience.

Who are you trying to reach? What is/are this/these target audience(s) likes? Dislikes? Understanding what audience your company is trying to communicate and engage with will help any social media manager and/or employee post content that will connect with this desired audience.

What do they want to hear? Make sure you post content with an idea of how your desired target audience will react to what you are saying.

2. Understand your online platform’s purpose.

     There is a vast array of social media platforms, each with purpose capabilities to post different kinds of material. Understand the demographic present on each platform, as well as the acceptable and expected amount of daily posted content.  Avoid spamming a social media site with too many contributions, or having a noticeable “absence” by not posting enough.


Twitter: Quick “Pitches” to reference multiple platforms

Tumblr: Blogging platform to explain photos and post videos.

Pinterest: Brainstorming, collecting information from other sites, Inspiration Boards. Post photos of specific items.

Facebook: Facebook Adverts are a great way to engage and drive an audience to your site to ultimately have them be redirected to your other social media platforms. (Personally, I prefer Facebook more so for social reasons, as opposed to fashion reasons.) It’s also a great way to connect with other fashion magazines and bloggers who have pages on the platform.

Blogging Platform: I prefer to use my wordpress blog for feature pieces and as an online portfolio, but believe that a Tumblr works fine for blogging. Once again, it’s just about figuring out what works best for you and your company’s desired social media efforts.

3. It’s possible to “cross-platform too much.”

    The possibility to intertwine content between platforms is a great way to ensure a company continues to stay active on multiple social media outlets, but make sure an account won’t be spammed with another social media platform. By distinguishing the strengths of social media platforms, post content accordingly. For example, a Twitter feed should never contain 5 consecutive “pins” from Pinterest. Choose accordingly when you choose to cross-platform material.

4. Give credit where credit is due.

     Make sure to cite whatever content you use that does not belong to you. To establish your brand as credible, don’t ever post anonymous content.

5. Engage with & Listen to your audience.

      Social Media has presented the opportunity to create a two-way communication stream. Respond & interact with other users on each social media stream to build mutually beneficial relationships with desired audiences.

By listening to your desired target audience, you can begin to recognize their complaints, compliments, influencesand point of need.

6. Be smart, professional and respectful.

     It’s never a good marketing strategy to offend your audience. Send out positive ideas into the social media hemisphere, so that positive ideas will be associated with you and your brand.

7. Bring value.

If you choose to participate in social media and represent your brand or self, bring value to the conversation. Engage with audiences, provide resources and promote the brand in create ways on a daily basis.

8. Have fun!

    It’s an exciting new way to communicate and build relationships with individuals who have like interests. Take advantage of the opportunity and have fun with the social media platforms you choose to engage in.

One thought on “How to Successfully Participate in Social Media

  1. Sean says:

    Great cross-platform information. I never really thought of that. I think this is applicable beyond fashion, especially with the continual integration of social platforms with other brands outside of the category.

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