Essential Pieces for your Apartment: Bedroom

The idea that I will be living in an apartment by myself next year has encouraged me to begin brainstorming how I will furnish and decorate a space that is solely occupied by me. For those who are also in the process of creating a space that is uniquely their own, here are some essential pieces for a bedroom depending on your personal design preference.

If you like neutrals…

1. Chevron Chair  2. DIY Lace Candles  3. Organic Woodland Duvet Cover  4. Elle Mirror from Howard Elliot  5. Lamp Shade  6. Pillow 7. Regina Andrew Lighting Lamp

If you like color…

1. Turquoise Mirror  2. Purple Rosette Bedding  3. Bright Flowers 4. Regina Andrew Beaded Turquoise Chandelier  5. DIY Yellow Wing Back Chair  6. Coral Lamp

If you like glitz…

1. Metallic Votives  2. Mirror  3. Bejeweled Pillow 4. Kylie at Home Carita Damson Bedding 5. Glass Table 6. Tiled Wall

Just a fun organization idea for neutral, colored and glitzy bedrooms:

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