Best DIY Projects

Now that I have graduated from the University of Oregon and have some spare time in my schedule, I’ve decided it’s time to finally try those DIY projects I’ve pinned over the past year (and maybe begin tackling my Food Recipe Board… but that’s another post). Here are some of my favorite DIY projects that I’ve gathered and have added to my “To-Do” list… enjoy!

1. Glitter Heel: Revamp an old pair of heels by trying this awesome DIY. I was just amazed at how an old pair of boring heels transformed into a new, chic, and amazing pair of pumps. Be cautious, I’m not sure how the first try will turn out, my recommendation is to start with a pair of shoes you may be willing to live without, depending on your success-rate with this DIY.

2. Painted Statement Jewelry: Remember all of that bling-ed out costume jewelry that you used to wear when you were still aged in the single digits? Well, now you can revamp your old jewelry to make some new statement pieces. I love this idea of painting old necklaces, bracelets and earrings to make statement jewelry with that color scheme that you’ve always wanted, but can never find.

3. Glitter Keys: I can never find my car keys in my purse and I love glitter… so the combination of the two lead me to this DIY. Now, all I need to find is a permanent key that I’ll have for longer than a year….

4. Ombré Shirt: Ombré is a very in style trend for spring, so I am excited to try and revamp an old white tee-shirt into a staple item this upcoming season. Depending on the success of this DIY, an upcoming blog post may arise featuring maxi skirts, socks, scarves… the possibility of an addiction may begin.

5. Chalk Coded Wine Glasses: My friends and I tend to enjoy a lovely glass of wine when together to watch shows like “Bachelor” or “Gossip Girl,” so finding this DIY seemed perfect for hosting the weekly girls-night sessions. What’s even better? Chalk paint comes in a spectrum of colors– so choose what matches best with your hostess collection.

6. Dry Erase Picture Frame: Having a DRY-Erase board in any room, apartment or house is absolute perfection in my opinion. The ability to change quotes, write messages or reminders has always been appealing to me. So, the idea of having a chic dry erase board? Well, life can’t get any better.

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