Product Review: Dior Show New Look Mascara

Mar. 23, 2012 – I may have a slight obsession with mascara, typically filling my makeup bag with, at a minimum, four different mascara products at a time. My favorite mascara producing company, by far, is Dior. Not only do their products lengthen and restore eyelashes, but thicken eyelashes, as well. I have never met a Dior mascara product that left me unsatisfied. Waterproof mascara? I can sleep in my mascara (although, I try not to, of course) and wake up without a smudge. After using the Dior Lash Plumping Serum my eyelashes grew stronger, longer and multiplied. That’s why, earlier this month while restocking my mascara supply, I was ecstatic when the Dior counter personnel informed me that the company had released a new mascara.

Here’s the deal. When I say I love a mascara product, typically its because it enhances my eyelashes by thickening & lengthening them. The more dense and black my eyelashes look, the better.

The Dior Show New Look Mascara‘s selling point is that it can reach every single lash, even the tiniest ones. This is true, but it does not thicken your lashes, or make them look very luscious. So, if you’re looking for a more natural look with your eyelashes, this product is perfect for you. If you fall within the other 99% who want thicker, longer lashes, I would not recommend purchasing this product.

I prefer Dior’s other mascara products: Dior Show (especially with a final coat of the waterproof version) or Dior Show Blackout. For a tutorial on how to get fabulous, thick, beautiful lashes (including my favorite mascara products) check out a past blog post “How To Get Eyelashes You’ll Be Obsessed With.”

Have you tried Dior Mascara Products? What’s your opinion?

*photo courtesy of Dior

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