Spring Manicure Favorites

Who doesn’t love nail polish? After avidly searching for fun, new colors to try this spring, these are my favorite nail polish colors and ideas.

If you want to avoid the “typical” pastel polish….

NAVY + GOLD: I have a current obsession with the color navy, so was very excited to see this post of how to incorporate this color into spring.

If you can’t choose a color…

MIX IT UP: Create your own palette by mixing three of your favorite spring colors.

If you want a bright, fun color…

NEON CORAL: China Glaze’s “Flip Flop Fantasy” is the perfect way to wear your favorite neon polish in a revamped shade.

If you want a hint of metallic….

TIP IT OFF: I believe that accentuating an outfit with a hint of metallic makes the entire ensemble more chic, so why not apply this concept to nails? Whether adding a silver or gold tip, this manicure is perfect for spring!

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