10 Blogs Worth Following

With the rising popularity of blogs, I’ve come to find certain websites that consistently produce content that is enjoyable to read. If you’re interested in fashion, lifestyle and cooking, the blogs listed below are perfect for you!

1. College Fashion – This site posts daily articles written by students across campuses. Topics include Style Inspiration, Trends and Historical Fashion Features.

2. Skinny Taste – This site takes everyday favorite recipes but cuts the unnecessary calories to still maintain the delicous taste we all love. This site is perfect for someone who wants to eat on the lighter side, but still enjoy all of their favorite dishes.

3. Tog + Porter – The online styling company creates flawless outfit inspirations to help showcase the items the company has to offer for current and potential clients.

4. Fashionista – An informative site that discusses pop culture, beauty and fashion. Typically articles also include a slide show, which makes the site more interactive and fun for viewers.

5. PR Couture – If you’re interested in working the fashion industry, specifically within the realm of marketing or public relations, this site is the perfect information source.

6. The Girl Most Likely – Just a fun blog about the every day life about a fun & stylish girl enjoying the early stages of her marriage.

7. DKNY PR Girl – Public Relations and Life advice delivered in a witty, clever and extremely blunt manner. This PR guru is the perfect and inspirational role model for any one who wants to work in the fashion industry.

8. To Be Greatful – If you’re ever looking for inspirational and deeply moving quotes or photography, this site is the perfect source.

9. The Glitter Guide – A fabulous site featuring posts about fashion, design, beauty & lifestyle.

10. Cupcakes + Cashmere – If you like cute recipes and clever DIY projects with an overall girly and stylish flair, this site encompasses everything that you look for in a blog.

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