Fun & Easy Summer Hairstyles

1. Waterfall Braid: This is a trendy and very popular new twist to the classic braid. It’s the perfect way to tame layers and bangs to revamp your typical hairstyle routine. To try out this hair style, J’aime Blue found a fabulous tutorial for those who need a little bit more than a picture to accomplish a hair style.

2. Fishtail Braid: Another popular spin on the braid (that has been around for a couple of decades), that is SO simple to do.

3. Sockbun + Braid: The Other Emily has a great how-to guide for getting the perfect sock bun. To add a summer touch, leave a piece of hair out of the bun to braid around the base.

4. The Basic Pony: Whodoesn’tappreciate a ponytail during the summer? Make the hairstyle even sleeker by straightening your strands prior to putting it up and wrapping a section of your hair around the hair-tie for a chic and classier look.

5. A French Braid: This has always been my “go-to-look,” when I anticipate a long day spent under the sun. Greasy strands plastered to your forehead? Not an attractive look. I love pulling my hair back by braiding my shorter, face framing layers into a french braid to ensure my hair won’t suffer too much from summer heat. My favorite part? If you still feel a little too warm, pull your hair back into a pony tail, it’ll still be a fun, weather-approved look!

6. Low Side Pony: I loved Taylor Swift at the 2011 AMA awards because of her straightened low ponytail, espeically the incorporation of a small french braid at the base. This look is perfect for a summer wedding, or a night out with some friends.

*photos courtesy of my Pinterest

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