Graduation Style Guide

It's that time of year, many students are celebrating the conclusion of their education and beginning of a new chapter. Yes, many may wonder: "Where will I work?" or "What will I do?" But aside from that, a more prominent and pressing question resides in their head: What will I wear? DRESSES This is the perfect … Continue reading Graduation Style Guide

Obsessed with The Great Gatsby

I've already shared my love for F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece many times before, but with the release of the 2012 trailer for the upcoming Great Gatsby movie, I couldn't help but share my excitement. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! ... December 2012 cannot come quick enough. Xo Andrea

New Artwork

Tonight I was inspired to finally finish one of my drawings, instead of sporadically beginning yet another project. So, here ya go lovelies a finished piece of "Stipled Art." (Basically an image derived from dots) ... Everyone deserves a little Robert Pattinson every once in a while. Enjoy! xo Andrea