Graduation Style Guide

It’s that time of year, many students are celebrating the conclusion of their education and beginning of a new chapter. Yes, many may wonder: “Where will I work?” or “What will I do?”

But aside from that, a more prominent and pressing question resides in their head: What will I wear?


This is the perfect time to experiment with color. Why go with black? It’s a sunny, celebratory experience to enjoy with your family and friends. (Unless, of course, you consider it to be a funeral for care-free life with extended partying nights).

1. ASOS Love Chiffon Wrap Hi Lo Dress 2. Parker Combo Dress 3. Oasis Colour Block Pleated Dress 4. Wilfred Emmanuelle Dress 5. Tibi Arizona Pleated Maxi Skirt


The best way to go with shoes is comfort. You’ll be standing, walking and taking photographs all day. To ensure a comfortable, yet stylishly flattering shoe, I recommend going with a wedged heel. Sandals are fine, heels too (if you dare), but I’ve never had an uncomfortable experience with a quality wedge.

1. Mariah Shoe 2. Rehani Suede Heels 3. B Brian Atwood Consort Metallic Leather Asymmetrical Sandals 4. Dolce Vita Archer Sandal 5. Zara Plaited Vamp & Heel 6. Petra Platform Sandals


Finalize your outfit with must have items. I recommend making a watch a staple item. (Don’t want to be late for anything!) And, of course… don’t forget your camera!

1. Mac Sheen Supreme “Supreme Style” Lipstick 2. Kimichi Blu Envelope Cross Body Bag 3. Timex Rose Gold Pearlized Strap Watch 4. Essie Nail Polish 5. Pave Pom Pom Cuffs 6. Canon Digital Camera

Happy Graduation! xo Andrea

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