Style Advice: Summer Jewelery

I always forget to take some time and utilize my jewelry collection before running out of the door. I tend to stick to the same rings, earrings and bracelets whenever I get dressed for the day.

It’s even got to the point where I rarely purachase jewelry while out shopping, with the mentality of “I never wear jewelry, anyways.”

… And let me tell you fashionistas, that mentality is never acceptable.

So, my summer goal (while enjoying post-graduation, pre-grad school and lots of vacation time) is to try and switch up the jewelry I wear. Recently, I’ve been looking for pieces that seem versatile and perfect for many summer outfits (and, of course upcoming seasons) to come.

1. Tiny White Heart Studs 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chronograph Silicone Watch 3. Nerdy Fashion USB bracelet (I mean, this is the perfect stylish piece for work.)  4. Stephan & Co. Raw Stone Bead Bracelet Set 5. Bailey Double Wrapped Earrings 6. House of Harlow 1960 Three Stack Ring

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