HBO Girls: Which Character Are You?

HBO‘s new hit series Girls follows four friends as they try to figure out adulthood in New York City. Between a hippy english girl and her insecurely sheltered cousin, a vide variety of characters reside in the series for any viewer to relate to. So, the question is: Are you a Hannah?  A Marnie? Maybe a Jessa? Or lastly, you may possibly embody a little Shoshanna.

Quiz: Which Character from Girls are you?

1. Someone insults you at a party, how do you respond?

a. You spit back equally insulting slurs.

b. You realize you’ve criticized yourself enough for the same reason, and blow it off.

c. You faint.

d. You sarcastically laugh, and say “whatever.” After enjoying a fabulous night with your friends, you talk sh*t about the person with them later in private.

2. Where do you prefer to shop?

a. Eclectic Vintage Boutiques.

b. Urban Outfitters, Garage Sales.

c. Wherever is trendy.

d. Pinterest, or Nordstrom.

3. Do you have a boyfriend? (or girlfriend).

a. No. The opposite sex is only for spontaneous pleasure.

b. Maybe? I’m not really sure where we stand…

c. No. Just no.

d. Yes.

4. If you lived in New York City, where would you want to live? (obnoxious rent prices not a factor).

a. Chelsea

b. Brooklyn

c. Manhattan

d. Upper East Side

5. Favorite song from iTunes top 10?

a. “Somebody That I Used to Know” – Gotye

b. “Payphone,” feat. Wiz Khalifa – Maroon 5

c. “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen

d. “Wide Awake” – Katy Perry


Mostly A’s – Jessa

Jessa is a free spirit, who wants to have fun without any consequence. Always living in the now, she’s spontaneous and execute a more laid back version of the “YOLO” mentality.

Mostly B’s – Hannah

Hannah knows herself very well, but questions her place in the world. She’s witty and intelligent, but struggles with accepting adulthood.

Mostly C’s – Shoshanna

Shoshanna desperately wants to fit in and be accepted by her friends. She’s kind and someone you can always rely on… except maybe for relationship advice.

Mostly D’s – Marnie

Marnie is the, polished, responsible friend who always does the right thing, even at her own expense of happiness. Classy and sophisticated, she always look put-together. Recently out of a long-term relationship, Marnie’s at an exciting point in her life where she is redefining what she wants in her life.

*photos courtesy of IMDB

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