Makeup Inspiration

Getting ready for the day? Easy. Put on some foundation, some light eyeshadow, a little eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipgloss … it’s become a routine that I can officially do blind, half asleep, or left-handed. Why do I always stick to what I know? Well, I’ve decided the first step to a new make-up mantra? Lipstick.

… I’m a sucker for bright pink color, because I believe its the first step to changing up your make up routine, instead of a nude, add a fun color without having to make any other major makeup-application changes. (Especially the Bobbi Brown lip color in the right photo from GlitterGuide!)

Earlier this winter, I bought a very deeply dark burgundy/crimson color from YSL. After wearing it a couple of times, I stopped. Reason? None. I guess it was just hard incorporating it into my outfit everyday, (especially on the sunny ones.) This winter, I’m excited to bring out the shade once again and try out different ways to compliment the color with my eyes.


… because let’s be real. A nude lipstick is the perfect investment that you know you’ll get the most out of using. I’m impressed with the way these three ladies both have beautiful nude lips, but each did their make up so differently.

*photos courtesy of my Pinterest.

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