Fourth of July Inspiration

Sorry it’s been so long – summer has brought many adventures such as graduating, visiting relatives in Minnesota, and apartment hunting in New York! To continue the list, I’m very excited for fourth of July tomorrow! Here are some ideas to make this year’s holiday fun and unique. How will you spend the July 4, 2012?


How amazing does this drink look? Apparently when you mix red fruit punch, blue Gatorade and diet 7UP (or Sprite), the drink with the highest sugar content stays on the bottom. Such a cute PG drink for children! Not sure what happens if you decide to make an “adult” version, but that’s what the Nationalistic Sangria, featured on the right, is for!

Or… if you want to enjoy some arts and crafts while spending time at the pool/bbq party, these DIY bracelets a perfect activity!


And… lastly, it would not be the Fourth of July without some delicious cake that resembles the American Flag!


Enjoy the holiday! xo Andrea

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